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Use this IP address blocker to remain anonymous and to bypass firewalls

Many organizations today, as well as private people, realize that they have to protect their privacy if they don't want to get exposed to the Internet's less than nice side. There's no going around this: the Internet is riddled with virtual threats that can compromise your cherished privacy.
That's why many users, both private and corporate, use masking techniques such as surfing via proxy servers. However, there are many applications out there that are not compatible with working through proxy servers and by doing so impose certain limitations on both corporates and private users.
In order to avoid these limitations, you need a middleman, so to speak, a software program that can reconcile these proxy unfriendly applications with working via proxy servers.
Proxifier is a software program that does exactly that. It enables network applications that normally are not compatible with working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server or through a chain of proxy servers.
Proxifier supports various Internet clients (such as browsers, ftp, ssh, ICQ, IRC, eMule, etc.) without any configuration required. Using Proxifier you can enjoy the advantages of accessing the Internet from restricted local areas, bypassing firewall restrictions, securing privacy by hiding your IP address, viewing information on bandwidth usage and other statistical information, logging incoming and outgoing traffic and so on and so forth.
Should you come across application that will refuse working through proxy servers, Proxifier is the middleman you'll need.
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